Supply chain and warehousing

Our services contains consulting on location, supply- and transportation management, distribution and strategic sourcing. The goal is to be more efficient (if possible). So you can focus on your business and for example deliver smarter, or be more agile.

Choose our Quickscan - a supply chain analysis of your company

Do you like to find out more? Contact us for our Quickscan, an independant analysis of your supply chain. Our Quickscan contains an overview of your suppliers, delivery challenges, logistical risks, proces optimalisation and your possibilities regarding logistics.

How do we carry out this Quickscan? First, we analyze your supply chain and create a flowchart. It's about how global suppliers, customers and products come together to create an efficient supply chain network. Our in-depth analysis includes facility optimizations like operating costs and transportation. Product distribution in combination with existing IT infrastructures to identify the best processes.
Secondly, we can support with implementation and execution. Beijer Logistics does not abandon you and can help with managing and operating. Finally, we evaluate and improve.

Check our article about supply chain (in Dutch) here:


Choose warehousing if you want to store your goods in the most favourable way and if you need optimal stockpile management. Beijer Logistics will take care of it for you.
In the field of storage and stockpile management you can use our following services:

  • bonded warehousing
  • stock administration
  • order pick & pack
  • distribution
  • storage
  • transport

If you choose warehousing at Beijer Logistics, you won’t have to worry about storage and stock management. We will do this for you, enabling you to completely focus on your core-business.

Warehousing and our other specializations

In addition to warehousing, Beijer Logistics is specialised in a number of other things. Think for example of European road transport, complete handling of customs formalities and transportation. All this is done under the guidance of engaged and well-educated employees. Their personal commitment and attention make sure that our warehousing and other services are of high level. Something that will please you.