Beijer Transport & Logistics is an independent, international expediter located in Oldenzaal. We solve your logistic problems. We stand for:

  • Reliability
  • Flexibility
  • Innovativeness
  • Quality

Our highly motivated employees form the basis of our high service. You are assured of quality. We solve your expedition problem and are your contact at any given time. 

For Beijer, continuously investing in people, expertise, innovation, advanced communication and automation systems speaks for itself. We have been around since 1945 and therefore are exceptionally experienced and reliable.

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Beijer history (in a bird's-eye view)

The history of Beijer begins in 1945, right after World War two. At the border crossing in Denekamp, a clearings office is founded by Mr Beijer and his partners de Vries and Arends. The first drivers who apply for work are Danish men, coming to deliver food to the Netherlands with converted army trucks.
With the increase of freight transport, Beijer also grows rapidly. The foundation of the EU in 1958 gives an enormous impulse to international trade. Beijer develops groupage traffic to Scandinavia and thereby sets the basis for its quality image.

With the growth of freight traffic, Beijer’s customs activities also increase. 7 customs offices together with the freight activities provide a firm basis for the company that in the meantime has 80 employees.

The company develops itself into a complete supplier of logistic services, whereby the focus is on quality. The transportation architect becomes a chain director.

In 1991, a terminal (6000 m²) is opened at the de Eektestraat in Oldenzaal, a stone’s throw away from the East-West-corridor A1. One year later, the company has to face the most radical event in its existence. The borders within the EU are abolished. Six of the seven customs offices are closed. The groupage services and logistic activities luckily are developed thoroughly enough to bear this loss. In 1993, Beijer acquires the desired quality certificate ISO-9002 in record time. Scheduled transportations to Germany, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe are established. The logistic arm is substantially extended.

In 2000, by means of a management-buy-out, Beijer becomes autonomous. Existing transport services are optimised and new services are developed. In April 2008, Beijer was among the first nineteen companies getting awarded the AEO-certificate Customs Simplification & Security. Early 2009, the construction of new premises at the Hazewinkel in Oldenzaal is started, at a sight location along the A1. Since July 2010, Beijer is situated here and in addition to an office, Beijer is now in the possession of a cross-docking warehouse for the transport and sea freight services, and a warehouse for warehousing.

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