About Beijer

The term ‘logistics’ can be a little prone to being misunderstood. A number of people think it is purely a matter of transport from A to B and that’s all, whereas, at least in our case, it goes so much further.

We make it our job to deal with literally all the arrangements around this transport, from storage to distribution, from insurance to labelling, from planning to invoicing if required. It’s all part of logistics, however, we prefer to think of it as logistical service provision.

You produce, and we take care

We take care of your product distribution. In our modern storage and transfer warehouse in Oldenzaal we can store goods and deliver on demand within the Netherlands and beyond. Repacking, labelling, supply administration and invoicing are all available services. Thanks to far-reaching automation, the paperwork and time-consuming procedures are kept to a minimum. You can read more about our history on this page.

Round the clock all over Europe

Daily freight forwarding services with a dense network of agents in the destination countries ensure flexibility all over Europe, even for dangerous chemicals. Our partners are carefully selected; we use well-equipped storage and transfer centres and the latest communications methods. This means we can already notify the recipient before your goods have even left our terminal.

Complete customs service

Even in borderless Europe, knowledge of international customs regulations is a must, as is an efficient approach to those regulations. Our organisation offers a complete and up-to-date customs service.

Our raison d’être: to be at your service

Our raison d’être: to be at your service

The entire organisation at Beijer Logistics is set up to provide our clients with a customised service. Fast and flexible, via short routes. It’s not just the physical work that forms our bread and butter; it is the complete service from beginning to end, saving you time, money and stress. By striving for lasting relationships with our clients, our activities can achieve higher net returns, to the advantage of both parties.

Our strength is the fact that we take the long view, looking beyond today’s market. Continuous investments in storage capacity, transport and communication methods ensure that we continue to perform optimally, while keeping to a tight budget.

Even more important, however, are our investments in people and knowledge. Motivated, skilled employees and regular training contribute to the strength of our service. This is our starting point for quality.

Can you think of a better basis for collaboration?