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Reliable European road transport since 1946

Are you looking for a reliable forwarding agent that can carry out your European road transport? Your transportation is in safe hands with Beijer Logistics. The basis for our reliable transport was already laid in 1946. Since then, Beijer has grown into a complete supplier for all types of freight. In addition we have fixed scheduled services through all of Europe and – thanks to our auto-groupage; we can carry out efficient transports, whereby you save a lot of money.
Whatever service we perform for you, you can count on three concepts we attach great value to: being reliable, dynamic and customer focused.

European road transport through all European countries

Those three important pillars are implemented during your European road transport. This transport can lead to many European countries. To give you a good idea of the countries we transport to, you find a short overview below. This way you can quickly see if we can carry out your transport for you.

  • Benelux: Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg
  • Germany
  • Southern Europe: France, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Turkey
  • Eastern Europe: Bulgaria, Hungary, Croatia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania
  • United Kingdom and Ireland
  • Scandinavia: Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark
  • Switzerland, Austria

Have you found your destination in the above list? Then quickly read why your freight would be guaranteed in safe hands with Beijer Logistics.

Secure European road transport thanks to an important certificate

Your European road transport is in safe hands with us. This is also indicated by our AEO-certification. In 2008 we were among the first 19 companies that were allowed to receive this certificate. What exactly does this certificate show? It shows that we are reliable and solid and that we have guaranteed security
In addition of course we are also ISO-certified. Beijer Logistics at all times are ready to carry out your transport. Contact us about your European road transport and we would be happy to be of service to you.