Customs specialist since its founding in 1946

You don’t have enough knowledge of today’s complex customs formalities and you would prefer to outsource this? Choose Beijer Douane Expediteurs. Not enough interest or simply no time to spend on customs affairs? Then outsource it to us experts in the field of customs formalities. We can take care of everything for you in this field, including:

  • Efficient, full and complete settlement of all customs formalities;
  • Intrastat declarations
  • Smooth, safe export and transit and/or storage thanks to an integrated system of licences.

Would you like more information about outsourcing customs formalities? Then feel free to contact us. Customs specialist with AEO-certificate As an expert in the field, Beijer Douane Expediteurs like no other can help you with the above mentioned customs formalities. You can also tell that we are an expert in the above mentioned customs formalities from our AEO-certificate (Authorised Economic Operator). Special about this is that in 2008 we were among the first 19 companies to be awarded this certificate. What exactly does this AEO-certificate stand for?

  • Reliable: our company processes are in order, this includes the administrative part.
  • Solid: we have been financially healthy for a long time.
  • Safe: people with bad intentions are kept off.

Customs specialist since its founding in 1946

Actually, Beijer Douane Expediteurs have always been carrying out customs formalities. The basis for this specialism was laid at the founding in 1946 and throughout the years it has kept pace with all the developments. In the sixties and seventies we had seven customs offices. When in the nineties, the EU was abolished, the customs offices were closed. The employees and thereby the specific knowledge skills remained and were integrated in our company.